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Customer Care

TH Michaels Construction Ltd has a straightforward approach to customer care, service and support essentially we treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We enjoy good, ongoing working relationships with our clients. Typically, this allows our staff to create friendly and supportive partnerships with all the members of the project team.

Our people

We recognise that we rely on our staff to deliver great Customer Care.

We will:

  • ensure our staff are trained and competent to deliver our services.
  • ensure our staff treat everyone with respect, courtesy and understanding.

Reaching us

We will provide different ways to help people contact us and access the services they need.

We will:

  • make information about T H Michaels Construction Ltd and its services easily available.
  • publish opening hours and describe how to access services.
  • provide a welcoming, friendly environment, easily accessible to all.

How we communicate

We want to make every contact a positive experience for our customers.

We will:

  • always listen carefully to what customers and colleagues say.
  • be polite and honest.
  • give a contact name and details.
  • let people know what will happen next.
  • point people in the right direction if we can’t help.
  • provide a suitable environment and ensure confidentiality.
  • write letters, emails and publications that are easy to read and understand.
  • respond to letters and emails promptly and when that is not possible, we will send an acknowledgement with details of who is dealing with the matter.
  • let people know if there will be a delay in responding,
  • ensure answer-phone messages are clear and tell people when to expect a reply and offer an alternative contact.

Measuring how we perform

We want to make sure that our commitment to Customer Care is making a difference, and we will assess our success by measuring what our customers value.

We will:

  • seek regular feedback on Customer satisfaction.
  • publish details of how customers can tell us about complaints, pay compliments and give us feedback.
  • investigate all complaints thoroughly, as quickly as possible, and learn from mistakes.
  • set specific Customer Care standards and publish the results.