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Waste Management

As you may be aware, the Site Waste Management Regulations came into force on the 6 April 2008 in England.

You must have a site waste management plans (SWMP) for all new construction projects worth more than £300,000. A SWMP is simply a plan that details the amount and type of waste that will be produced on a project and how it will be reused, recycled or disposed of. The plan is then updated during the programme to record how the waste is managed and to confirm the disposal of any materials that cannot be reused or recycled at a legitimate waste handling facility.

Drawing up and implementing a SWMP for each project enables companies to save money and improve their environmental performance by providing a framework that encourages resource efficiency and waste minimisation. There are different levels of detail that the SWMP requires for monitoring of projects in the value range of £300K to £500K, than in projects that over £500K.

Please find enclosed information and guidance that we have prepared about “Site Waste Management Plan”. We have also enclosed example forms that should be available and completed on all sites.

Local authorities and the Environment Agency will be enforcing the legislation from the 1 July 2008 and failure to have the completed documentation on each site could result in a fixed penalty fine of £300 or a summary conviction of up to £50000.